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February 2018
5 months
School project



The SNCF ("French National Railway Company") asked us to work on a prospective project. Their main innovation concern is to be able to build autonomous train in less than 20 years. Our goal was to rethink the driver’s job and driver's compartment. They were really looking for futuristic and innovative results.

Our project has been selected and we had the opportunity to present it at Innotrans (biggest trade fair for transport technology) in Berlin, in September 2018.


Each group working on this project had a different approach of the subject to follow. Our was “the sensory cabin". We understood it as using the 5 senses to feel and experience the journey in a new way. For passengers and the driver.


Because it was a prospective project, we had to imagine how the future would be. We decided that, in our vision of the future, the train would be autonomous for a large part of the journey, but the driver would still conduct the train for tricky path or emergency.

Our main objective was to create a new experience for passengers. We gave them a show by creating a new dynamic way to drive for the pilot.

My colleague focused on the 3D renderings while I was working on the interfaces, interactions, illustrations and animations.


Final futuristic concept showed at Innotrans 2018 (Berlin).


This is the driver's interface, it is contextualized depending of the situation. For example, when the train is entering a train station, the driver get a large view on every angles. He can personalize the interface according to the situation.

We also had to think about the driver’s job while the train is autonomous.
When the train is on autopilot, he becomes a "Supervisor". He can answer passengers' questions and is in charge of the security of the vehicule.


Being able to talk about our project to a professional audience at Innotrans was such an interesting experience.
It was also an enriching experience to get a glance at all the innovation displayed at the fair.

This project has been made with Pierre Le Claire

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